Asparagus Fern
Asparagus Fern
Asparagus Fern
Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern

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  • This Asparagus Fern ships in a 4"cup
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TheĀ AsparagusĀ Densiflorus 'Sprengeri'Ā - Asparagus Fern plant is normally found in a hanging basket, decorating the deck or patio in summer and helping to clean indoor air in winter. The asparagus fern plant is not really a fern at all, but a member of the Liliaceae family. When growing asparagus ferns outside, place them in a part sun to shady location for best foliage growth. While the asparagus fern plant may sometimes flower, the tiny white flowers are small and not necessary for the beauty of growing asparagus fern.

Growing asparagus fern is easy. The frilly, feathery asparagus fern plant appears soft and fuzzy, but when taking care of asparagus ferns you may be surprised to find they have thorny spurs. This, however, is no reason not to grow asparagus ferns, simply wear gloves during asparagus fern care.

Bright indoor light or Partly shaded outdoors

Attracts birds, bees and butterflies.

Additional features: Attracts Wildlife, Attracts Pollinators, and Deer Resistant

This Asparagus Fern ships established in a 4" cup

Size: Can reach 3'ft high and 3'ft wide

Light: Bright indoor light or shaded outdoors

Hardiness zone: 9 -11

Characteristics: Asparagus fern produces long, upright or trailing, branching stems sparsely covered with sharp, stiff spines in the axils.

Soil & Water: Asparagus ferns also like a loamy soil. You can make this by mixing 20% clay, 40% sand and 40% silt.

*Images are of mature plants

Asparagus ferns prefer to be pot bound, so yearly division is not needed or desirable.

***Leaves secrete a sap that is toxic once ingested. NOT safe for pets who groom themselves, such as cats, to rub against or chew.***

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Hardiness zone for this plant: 9 - 11

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Asparagus Fern

Native to South Africa, this herbaceous, evergreen perennial is actually no fern at all! In fact the Asparagus Fern "Sprengeri' is actually more closely related to the edible asparagus, except in the edible aspect. They are diecious (male and female flowers on one plant) and has the ability to bloom small inconspicuous flowers under the right conditions, these can then mature into red ornamental berries from mid to late summer.

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