Nandina Firepower
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Nandina Firepower
Nandina Firepower
Nandina Firepower

Nandina Firepower

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  • This Nandina Firepower ships in a 2.5"cup
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The Nandina Domestica 'Firepower' - Nandina Firepower is a small to medium-size, evergreen, heavenly bamboo cultivar, commonly known for its dramatic foliage color changes. New growth is typically a lime green color and turns a fiery red color during autumn, can even persist through winter in warmer climates. 

Full sun to partial sun.

Drought tolerant once established.

    Additional features: Fall Color, Drought Tolerant, and Deer Resistant

    This Nandina Firepower come potted in 2.5” pots as a 3pack

    Size: Mature size can reach 2' - 3' x 2' - 3'

    Light: Full to partial sun

    Hardiness zone: 6 - 10

    Characteristics: Grows as a "dwarf" shrub. New growth is typically a lime green. Becomes a bright fiery red color in autumn. Mainly used as ground cover. Provide about an inch of insulation for change in temperatures.

    Growth Rate: Moderate

    Soil, Water, Fertilize: Moist, rich, well draining pH 3.7-6.4. Tolerant to drought and extremely resistant to pests and diseases. Fertilize in early spring with a slow release fertilizer.

    *We cannot send plants to Alaska or Hawaii.

    *Plants ship dormant in winter months.

    *Pictures shown are of mature plants.

    Low maintenance, pruning can be done for cosmetic purposes.

    Can be grown in container but will require winter protection in lower hardiness zones or cold climates.

    Evergreen in warmer climates.

    Commonly called Heavenly Bamboo or Sacred Bamboo.

    Does not produce any fruit or berries.

    *Considered toxic to dogs, cats and horses.

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    Hardiness zone for this plant: 6 - 10

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    Nandina Firepower

    Originating from Asia, Scared Bamboo grew naturally up to 8'ft tall and 4'ft wide! Nandina Firepower is a naturally occurring variation of an older dwarfs form, found in a small nursery in New Zealand. This variety is smaller and incredibly more vibrant than its predecessors, with year round interest and the ability to be evergreen in warmer climates. Although this specimen is not know to flower or produce fruit, their foliage is just as special and enjoyable on their own. Its compact size and hardiness make s it not only a great garden asset but also makes a wonderful container plant on any porch or small yard.

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