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Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is a low-growing, woody perennial that performs especially well in somewhat dry, sunny conditions. A beloved Mediterranean herb, it holds its taste in cooking and blends well with other flavors of its native region, such as garlic, olive oil, and tomatoes.

The tiny pink, lavender, or white tubular flowers of thyme plants show up in the spring and summer months and are well-liked by bees. Its tiny gray-green leaves remain evergreen, and most thyme varieties can even be harvested in winter in the zones where it is a perennial.

Additional features: Herb, Herbaceous Perennial, and Edible

Size: Mature size can reach up to 12inch tall and wide.

Light: Full Sun (6+ hours of direct sunlight)

Hardiness: 5 - 9

Water & Soil: Acidic to Alkaline soil with a pH of 6-8)
Loamy, sandy, well draining soil is preferred.

Native to the Mediterranean

Most varieties of thyme are best left alone to grow—the more you fuss with the plant, the less durable it will be. Give your thyme a spot in full sun; it handles hot, dry conditions better than cool, damp soil.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: Zone 5 - 9

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The worse your soil is, the better your thyme plant may grow. The easy-going herb prefers sandy or loamy soil instead of moist soil, and can even thrive in rocky gravel. Thyme grows quickly, so space your plants at least 12-24 inches apart from each other when adding to your garden. If you're planting in a pot instead, choose a larger vessel to allow the thyme to grow into it. Opting for a clay pot is also helpful, as it can wick away additional moisture from the soil and help create the right environment for your thyme.

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