Polka Dot Plant - Splash
Polka Dot Plant - Splash
Polka Dot Plant - Splash
Polka Dot Plant - Splash
Polka Dot Plant - Splash
Polka Dot Plant - Splash
Polka Dot Plant - Splash

Polka Dot Plant - Splash

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  • This Polka Dot Plant - Splash ships in a 3.5"cup
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Polka dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya) is a delicate tropical foliage plant once relegated to the role of novelty houseplant. It has gained more popularity as an annual outdoors, brightening borders and adding to container plantings. To grow as a house plant, use a porous soil mix high in organic matter.  Place the potted plant in a location that receives bright light and water well when they are growing actively, allowing the soil to dry slightly between watering.

Partial sun to partial shade; Bright light.

Pet safe, non-toxic

Pink / Purple flowers, non-fragrant

Additional features: Pet Safe and Deer Resistant

This Polka Dot Plant ships in a 3.5" Cup

Size: Mature size can reach up tp 2ft tall and wide

Light: If planted outdoors keep in partial shade.
Indoors, bright indirect light

Hardiness Zone: 10 - 11

Characteristics: Starts out rounded and gets taller and more upright as the season goes on.

Soil & Water: requires well-drained soil
Prefers high humidity and warm weather.

Hardiness zone for this plant: 10 - 11

What's my zone?

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Polka Dot Plant - Splash

Polka Dot Plants are a highly variegated, eye-catching, colorful little tropical plant moving its way outdoors. Though typically grown indoors in pots near a sunny window, landscapers and gardeners have seen the potential their potential as annuals in garden beds. Bringing not only beautiful foliage but also flowers blooming from late summer to early fall as the shorter daylight hours bring the end of the growing season. As these are tropical plants they are only hardy from growing zones 10 - 11 outdoors. They prefer temperatures over 60°F, high humidity, in somewhat shaded areas to protect variegation from direct sunlight.

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