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Hydrangea Shrub 'Annabelle'

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The Hydrangea Arborescens 'Annabelle' - Annabelle Hydrangea is a mounding shrub native to Sothern Missouri, that grows 3–5′ high with a wider spread. In July, it produces huge (8–12″) round heads of pure white blooms that remain attractive into September and can be cut for fresh or dried arrangements.

Its small scale and summer flowering make it a good choice for the mixed border. 'Annabelle' Hydrangea is most at home in partial shade and evenly moist but well-drained soil; she’ll grow in full sun if moisture is ample. Because she flowers heavily on the current season’s growth (“new wood”), most gardeners cut the stems to the ground in late winter. New shoots emerge from the base and bloom the same summer. Not a good choice for gardeners in the desert Southwest. Blooms on new wood.


Full sun to partial sun.

Attracts birds, bees and butterflies.

Native to North America

White flowers, non-fragrant 

This Annabelle Hydrangea ships established in a 1 Gallon Pot

Size: Can reach up 5ft in height and 6ft in width

Light: Prefers full to partial sun

Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9 View Map

Characteristics: Blooms small white clusters in midsummer and slowly fade to a shade of green. Plants may die to ground in harsh winters. Bloom occurs on new wood, so plants may be pruned back close to the ground in late winter.

Soil, Water: Moist well drained fertile soil. Not drought tolerant. Fertilize your Hydrangeas once in the summer prior to August.

Allow at least 3' - 10' ft to allow for space to grow.

Prune faded flowers and an inch or two to encourage a second round of blooms. Remove old stalks around the end of September or beginning of October.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: 4 - 9

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Hydrangea Shrub 'Annabelle'

Native to a wide range of regions and countries spanning from Asia to the Americas, their popularity in part by the large beautiful flowers they produce. Hydrangea flowers come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes growing as climbing vines, trees and shrubs.

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