Beautyberry 'Early Amethyst'
Beautyberry 'Early Amethyst'
Beautyberry 'Early Amethyst'

Beautyberry 'Early Amethyst'

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  • This Beautyberry 'Early Amethyst' ships in a 1 Gallon Trade Pot
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Callicarpa Dichotoma 'Early Amethyst' -  Purple Beautyberry is the Asian native counterpart to the American Beautyberry. This deciduous, woody perennial is on the smaller scale working well for smaller garden areas or container gardening. Grows in a similar rounded, weeping fashion, with long arching branches spreading as far as 4'ft tall and wide. Small pink to lavender flowers bloom on new wood in late spring to early summer, later maturing into violet fruit clusters in the fall. Leaves are simple, green and elliptical with serrated edging, turning a golden yellow in the fall. 

Full sun to partial sun.

Attracts birds, bees and butterflies.

Drought tolerant once established.

Pink / Purple flowers, non-fragrant

Pet safe, non-toxic

Due to California Department of Agriculture, we cannot ship this item to the state of California.

Additional features: Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Attracts Pollinators, Self-pollinating, Fall Color, and Pet Safe

This Early Amethyst Purple Beautyberry ships in a 1 Gallon pot.

Size: Mature size can reach up to 2' - 4' tall and wide

Light: Prefers Full Sun (6+ hours of direct light)

Hardiness zone: 5 - 8

Characteristics: Blooms on new growth. Easy to grow and low maintenance. Pink to lavender flowers emerge in late spring to early summer on new wood. Flowers mature into clusters of lilac-violet berries from September to October. Fruit attracts birds and small animals, flowers attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Growth rate: Fast

Soil & Water: Does best in average, medium, well draining soils with pH around 5.5 - 8.0. Tolerant to clay, loam and sandy soils.

Allow 3'- 6' for planting if no pruning is desired.

Can be grown in containers.

Planting in groups can increase fruit production.

Can be planted in partial shade, but can become leggy.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: 5 - 8

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Beautyberry 'Early Amethyst'

The Callicarpa, or Beautyberry as most of us know it, is a perennial shrub that offers beautiful violet-purple berries from early fall into winter. The C. Dichotoma is a Korean species of Beautyberry, though smaller in stature, still as beautiful, with fruits appearing earlier than other varieties, hence the name.


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