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Eggplant 'Black Beauty'

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  • This Eggplant 'Black Beauty' ships in a 2.5"inch cup

The Black Beauty eggplant is an old heirloom variety which is still highly sought after in home gardens. These eggplants are very meaty, weighing well over a pound, and do well in both northern and southern climates
Additional features: Edible

Size: Mature plants can reach up to 30" inches tall

Light: Full Sun (6+ hours of direct light)

Water & Soil: Keep soil evenly moist, and apply fertilizer or organic compost once monthly.

Care & Harvest: When the skin of the eggplant takes on a high gloss, it is nearly ripe. To test for ripeness, press gently on the skin; if the flesh remains indented, it is ready to be harvested. Eggplant reach their best eating quality at about 1/2 their mature size, since oversized eggplant can turn tough and bitter. For freshest taste, use immediately.

Eggplant makes a good companion plant, meaning you can plant them near other vegetables, such as cauliflower, tomatoes, or aromatic flowers.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: Zone 5-12

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Eggplant 'Black Beauty'

f your eggplant is about six to nine inches and its skin is glossy, you can begin harvesting.

Harvest eggplants with a sharp tool, such as pruning shears or a small knife. Separate the eggplant from its stem. Leave about two inches of the stem on the plant, so it can continue to grow.

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