Fiber Optic Grass
Fiber Optic Grass

Fiber Optic Grass

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Fiber Optic Grass, Isolepis cernua This bright green, grass-like plant has small flower spikes at the stem tips reminiscent of those fiber optic lamps, hence the common name. Fiber optic grass  is a tender perennial (zones 8-11) generally grown as an annual in cold climates but it can be kept as a houseplant in a sunny window or greenhouse over the winter. Bring it indoors before freezing temperatures occur and set the pot in a shallow tray of water.

This Fiber Optic Grass ships established in a 4" cup

Size: Mature size can reach up to 1ft tall

Light: Full Sun (6+ hours of direct light)

Hardiness Zone: Zone 8 - 11

Characteristics: Fiber Optic Grass is a fountain-like ornamental grass-like sedge with small, silvery white flowers at the tips. Its resemblance to fiber optic wire lends its common names, including Live Wire Grass.

Water & Soil: Keep the soil moist or wet at all times. Constantly moist soil is needed to keep I. cernua healthy and thriving. Native to marshlands, this is one plant you can't overwater.

Hardiness zone for this plant: Zone 8 - 11

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Fiber Optic Grass

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