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Parsley 'Curled'

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Native to Europe, parsley is a biennial plant that is generally grown as an annual culinary herb. Growing in clumps of lacy foliage about a foot high, parsley has triangular dark green leaves that make for a good garnish or an aromatic addition to recipes. Chew a few leaves as a breath cleanser for onion and garlic odors. Leaves may be used fresh or dried to add flavor to soups and stews. The leaves are high in iron and vitamins A and C.
Additional features: Edible, Annual, Biennial, and Herb

Size: Mature size can reach up to 12" inches tall

Light: Full Sun (6+ hours of direct sunlight)

Water & Soil: Loamy, moist, well draining soil with a pH of 6.0 - 7.0 This herb does not tolerate drought well and will quickly wither and brown.

Native to: Europe

Care & Harvest: Though not wholly necessary for its success, parsley can benefit from a bit of fertilization once or twice at the beginning of the growing season. You can begin harvesting parsley when it is about 6 inches tall and relatively bushy. Harvest whole stems from the base of the plant to encourage more growth. Take from the outer leaves, letting the inner leaves continue to mature. You can harvest as needed, but try not to remove more than one-third of the leaves at a time.

Very easy to grow in virtually any location. Best in fertile, well-drained soil. Keep well-watered during hot weather. Harvest foliage as needed.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: Zone 2 - 11

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Parsley 'Curled'

Culinary herb for gardens and containers. Leaves may be used fresh or dried in culinary dishes. Attractive sprigs make a colorful garnish on the dinner plate. Wash fruits, vegetables and herbs thoroughly before eating.

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