Pygmy Date Palm
Pygmy Date Palm
Pygmy Date Palm
Pygmy Date Palm
Pygmy Date Palm

Pygmy Date Palm

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  • This Pygmy Date Palm ships in a 3 Gallon Pot
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Robellinii palms are dwarf palm trees that are popular among landscapers and houseplant enthusiasts alike. Their small size makes them versatile and they grow well individually or when planted in clusters. Robellini palms are frequently used as accent plants in landscaping, in containers, and indoors as houseplants. Characterized by graceful fronds that grow between three to five feet long and a thin trunk, robellini palms are sure to add a tropical flair to any space.

Full sun to partial sun.

Drought tolerant once established.

Pet safe, non-toxic

Additional features:

This Pygmy Date Palm ships is a 3 Gallon trade pot.

Size: Mature size can reach up to 12'ft tall and 10'ft wide

Light: Full to partial sun or bright indoor light

Hardiness zone: 9 - 11


Soil & Water: Tolerates Acidic, neutral and alkaline soil. Moist but well draining.

Hardiness zone for this plant: 9 - 11

What's my zone?

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Pygmy Date Palm


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