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Cultivate Your Homestead: The Bare Root Bounty

Unlock the secrets to sustainable living with our guide on the benefits of bare root plants. From cost-effective abundance to versatile cultivation in any space, embark on a journey of fresh, flavorful bounty. Discover the joy of growing your own food, whether you're a seasoned homesteader or a novice with a small plot – your harvest awaits!


Get ready to dive into the world of strawberries! From the always-there-for-you Everbearing to the summer-loving Junebearing, and let's not forget the unique Pineberry strawberries – we've got all your strawberry needs sorted!



Explore the rich flavors of asparagus in our handpicked selection. We've got the classic Mary Washington, the uniquely tasty Sweet Purple, and the hearty Jersey Knight. Perfect for adding a gourmet touch to your garden!



Discover the tangy wonders of rhubarb with our Canadian Red and Valentine varieties. Add a burst of flavor to your garden with these vibrant and exciting choices


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Why Bare Roots?

Choose bare root plants for a streamlined and eco-friendly gardening experience. Lightweight and compact, they reduce shipping costs and environmental impact, arriving without pots. This simplicity ensures quick adaptation and robust root development upon planting, leading to a flourishing garden. Embrace the efficiency of bare root planting for a greener and more bountiful harvest!

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Unpack your trees, remove all packing materials, carefully untangle the roots and soak the roots in water 3 to 6 hours. Do not allow the roots to dry out. If you are not ready to plant yet. Wrap the bare-root plants in the shipping plastic provided with moist soil or a wet paper towel. Store in a cool, dark place, like a unheated basement, cellar, garage or shed. It is ideal to store your bare-roots at a temperature of 40ºF, but anything under 60ºF should work for a short period of time.

Trimming the roots helps to prevent overcrowding of the roots and stimulates new growth (Strawberries only). Carefully separate the roots, untangling them, and examine the plants you have.

Dig a hole that is six to eight inches deep and two times as wide as the length of the roots. Partially fill the hole, firming the soil around the lower roots. Do not add soil amendments such as peat or bark. Do not use fertilizer, potting soil, or chemicals on your new plant

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

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Best looking Rhubarb Crowns I have ever got. Large and not dried out like a prune.

Rhubarb 'Valentine'

My canadian red rhubarb arrived yesterday. I was well packaged and some of the best root bulbs i have ever seen. I planted them in buckets until tomorrow. Then they will go into the raised beds with the others. Thank you Tristar for a great product.

Rhubarb 'Canadian Red'

These are the best root stock rhubarb I have ever received. All three began sprouting leaves within days of planting. We are looking forward to bountiful harvests for many years!

Rhubarb 'Canadian Red'

The 10 sweet purple asparagus crowns with roots arrived on 04-21-2023. I was able to plants the asparagus crowns with roots on the late afternoon of 04-21-2023. I look forward to the growth and development of these sweet purple asparagus crowns to my existing asparagus patch of my garden.

Phillip B.
Asparagus 'Sweet Purple'