By Color

Step into a world of vibrant emotions with our flower collection by color, where the language of blossoms takes on hues of joy, romance, and elegance. Whether it's the purity of whites, the warmth of yellows, or the sophistication of purples, our collection brings forth a palette that transcends words.  

About Our Flower Collection

Whether you're cultivating a garden, expressing sentiments, or enhancing your surroundings, our diverse selection caters to every style, mood, and vision. For those seeking a burst of color in their garden, our offerings are vast and varied. Our flowering shrubs stand as integral components of well-designed landscapes, allowing you to curate your outdoor haven with hues that resonate with your preferences. Each bloom in our collection is a testament to nature's beauty, varying in size and gracing your spaces with multiple enchanting bloom cycles. At Tristar Plants, discover the art of expression through the language of blossoms.

Flowers by Color

  • Purple Flowers

The color purple symbolizes sophistication, class, and elegance. We have many purple-flowering shrubs to suit your design needs. From Beautyberry and Citronella Geranium to Lavender, Lilac, and Rose of Sharon, you can find the perfect bloom for your garden.

  • Pink Flowers

Pink is considered the classic feminine color. It also symbolizes hope and happiness. We have a collection of gorgeous pink-blooming shrubs. You can choose options such as Beautyberry, Butterfly Bush, Peony, and Hydrangea. From dark pink to a pale blush, there is a flower you will love.

  • White Flowers

White flowers speak of purity, innocence, and peace. They help to create various styles and can transform any space. They work with other colors to create contrast. We have many white-flowering shrubs for you to choose from. They include Butterfly Bush, Kentucky Wisteria, and Lilac 'Betsy Ross', among others.

  • Yellow Flowers

Yellow represents the summer sun, fun, joy, and playfulness. Yellow flowers exude warm and happy feelings. You can find flowers in various shades of yellow to suit your landscaping needs. At Tristar Plants, we grow American Witch Hazel, Herbaceous Peony, and more.

  • Red Flowers

Red is the color of love, passion, and commitment. It can also signify courage and respect. Red flowers are a firm favorite when designing landscapes. We have eight red-flowering plants in our collection, including Flowering Quince 'Red Dragon Blood' Double Blooms and Flowering Quince 'Texas Scarlet'.

  • Blue Flowers

Blue is the color of peace and serenity. You can use blue flowers to create a calm oasis on your property. We have the beautiful Hibiscus 'Bluebird' and more, charming blue parts of our collection. The beautiful large-blooming shrub is versatile and can transform any space.

Why Choose Tristar Plants?

At Tristar Plants, we pride ourselves on providing quality service. We inspect everything we grow at every stage to ensure our customers get the highest quality. We strive to ensure your plants arrive healthy and are free of disease and pests. We insist on proper packing to make sure there is no damage to the main stem.

If you need help finding flowers by color, do not hesitate to contact us today.