Q: The listing says "This item is currently out of stock", when will it be available again?

A:  We do not know exactly when the expected time of each product will be made available again. As seasons come and go our inventory is constantly changing. We advise signing up with our "notify me" when back in stock so you will get first dibs when an item is back on our site for purchase.

Q: Why is my state not available for shipping?

A: Some state regulations set restrictions on as to what plants can be brought in or out of said state. Please check with your local USDA office for a list of restricted plants.

 Q: Will I receive the plant that is pictured?

A: All images are of mature plants. We do not ship mature plants. Plants are pruned and cleaned as necessary for their health and growth so some may come freshly pruned.

 Q: My plant arrived damaged, what do I do?

A: If your plant arrives damaged please let us know ASAP. We will request pictures be emailed to us of the damaged plant and box. (Broken limbs and loss of leaves do not always mean the plant is damaged beyond return, please contact us and we will determine if a replacement needs to be sent out.)

 Q: My plant arrived wilted, what do I do?

A: A great deal of care has been taken to package your plant(s) so that they make to their destination intact. However, it has been in a dark box for two or three days and shipped to a new state. That being said your plant has likely been handled a bit roughly by the mail carrier (which may cause some broken limbs and loss of leaves, nothing some TLC can't fix), and could have possibly been exposed to extreme temperatures. Your plant(s) may look a little wilted or dry, but this is a common shock to them and nothing to be concerned about. With proper watering and care, your plant will rejuvenate itself in no time. 

 Q: My plant died, what do I do?

A: We offer a 30 day replacement policy. If your plant dies within the 30 days we will either issue a refund or send out a replacement as long as we still have the plant in stock. Please give us a call or email and we will have you email pictures of the plant and also perform a bark scraping. If the plant is determined to be dead we will either send out a replacement or issue a refund.

 Q: Is there a way of getting in contact with you?

A: Yes there is. If you have any question that weren't answered on this page feel free to fill out a form in the Contact Us page or email us directly at: support@tristarplants.com

 Q: Do you hold orders?

A: We do not hold orders, we ship out immediately. We do not hold orders as we do not know when you want to plant.  You can keep your plant inside until you are ready to plant it outside if it is not the correct planting time for you.