Planting Your New Blueberry Bush

 Unpack and soak in warm water for 3 to 6 hours just before planting.
 Dig Hole(s): The width of the hole should allow you to spread roots.
If you are planting multiple blueberries, dig holes 4'-6' apart. If you are creating several rows dig holes 7'-12' apart.
 Spread Roots in Hole.
 Shovel Dirt Back in Hole and Add Amend Soil.
 Do Not Tap Soil: Don't step on the soil or tap it down.
 Water: Give each plant 1"-2" of water.
 Late winter or early spring, during the six weeks prior to your last spring frost, is the best time for planting blueberries.
 Pick off flowers that form on blueberry bushes their first year.
(This allows plants to put all of their energy into getting a strong start.)
 After plants are established, fertilize them in spring with a light application of a balanced organic fertilizer.
 Fertilize blueberries in late summer to help plants set plenty of flower buds.
 Blueberries are only marginally self-fertile, so you'll need to grow at least three plants of compatible varieties.

PLEASE TRY TO PLANT WITHIN 72 HOURS. Water well. Soak plant in bucket of water prior to planting. This will allow the plant to take more water up to the stem. Depending on the weather it may take 3 to 4 weeks to break dormancy and show leaves. Due to shipping shock some leaves may show signs of wilting, do not worry. They will come back and sprout new leaves.

Please be patient! Enjoy.

*November - May buyers: 
When you receive your berry bushes please notice that they are dormant during these months. After planting, they can stay dormant for 3 to 4 weeks before showing signs of life.