Planting Your New Grape Vine

 Plant dormant, bare-root grape vines in the early spring.
 Construct a trellis or arbor before planting.
Grape vines will need to be trained to some sort of support to grow upward. This will also cut the risk of disease.
 Most grape varieties are self-fertile.
 Before planting grapevines, soak their roots in water for two or three hours.
 Select a site with full sun. If you don't have a spot with full sun, make sure it at least gets morning sun.
A small amount of afternoon shade won't hurt. Your soil needs to be deep, well-drained, and loose. You also need good air circulation.
 Space each plant 6 to 10 feet apart (16 feet for muscadines).
 For each vine, dig a planting hole 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide.
Fill with 4 inches of topsoil. Trim off broken roots and set the vine into the hole. Cover the roots with 6 inches of soil and tamp down. Fill with the remaining soil, but don't tamp this down.
 Prune the top back to two or three buds at planting time.
 Water at time of planting.

PLEASE TRY TO PLANT WITHIN 72 HOURS. Water well. Soak plant in bucket of warm water for about 1 hour prior to planting. This will allow the plant to take more water up to the stem. Depending on the weather it may take 3 to 4 weeks to break dormancy and show leaves. Due to shipping shock some leaves may show signs of wilting, do not worry. They will come back and sprout new leaves. 

Please be patient! Enjoy.

*November - May buyers: 
When you receive your grape vine please notice that they are dormant during these months. After planting, they can stay dormant for 3 to 4 weeks before showing signs of life.