Tomato 'Golden Jubilee'
Tomato 'Golden Jubilee'
Tomato 'Golden Jubilee'
Tomato 'Golden Jubilee'
Tomato 'Golden Jubilee'

Tomato 'Golden Jubilee'

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Experience the joy of homegrown golden-yellow tomatoes with our Golden Jubilee Tomato plant. This vibrant, low-maintenance variety offers a mild, sweet flavor perfect for slicing, canning, or fresh enjoyment. Resistant to common diseases, it's your ticket to a thriving and flavorful harvest. Elevate your garden with a touch of golden jubilation

*Indeterminate: Continues to grow, flower, and set fruit until killed by the first frost in fall

Full Sun

Days to maturity: 78

Flavor Profile: Mild, low-acid with a hint of sweetness

Culinary Use: Slicing, salads, canning, and juicing

Additional features:

Variety: Golden Jubilee Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

Color: Bright golden-yellow tomatoes

Fruit Type: Indeterminate, large, meaty tomatoes

Flavor Profile: Mild, low-acid with a hint of sweetness

Plant Size: 6-12 inches tall, with a bushy and vigorous growth habit

Container Size: 4-inch pot

Seed Type: Non-GMO

Versatility: Excellent for slicing, salads, canning, and juicing

Adaptability: Suitable for both container and traditional
garden settings

Maturity: Mid-season, produces abundant fruits

Disease Resistance: Shows resistance to certain common tomato diseases

Care Instructions:

Sunlight: Full sun (at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day)

Watering: Maintain even soil moisture, allowing the soil to dry slightly between watering

Soil Type: Well-draining, fertile soil enriched with organic matter

Temperature: Warm-season plant; protect from frost

Support: Provide staking or caging as the plant grows to support heavy fruiting

Pruning: Minimal pruning needed; remove any yellowing or diseased leaves

Fertilization: Feed with a balanced fertilizer at planting and during the growing season

Harvesting: Pick tomatoes when fully ripe for the best flavor

Storage: Store harvested tomatoes at room temperature for optimal taste

Hardiness zone for this plant:

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Tomato 'Golden Jubilee'

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