Crassula Muscosa 'Watch Chain Plant'
Crassula Muscosa 'Watch Chain Plant'
Crassula Muscosa 'Watch Chain Plant'
Crassula Muscosa 'Watch Chain Plant'
Crassula Muscosa 'Watch Chain Plant'

Crassula Muscosa 'Watch Chain Plant'

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  • This Crassula Muscosa 'Watch Chain Plant' ships in a 4" cup
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Crassula Muscosa, commonly known as the Watch Chain Plant or Princess Pine, is a unique and charming succulent that belongs to the Crassulaceae family. Native to South Africa, this eye-catching plant is favored for its tightly packed, needle-like leaves that spiral around its stems, resembling a delicate green chain.


Bright light / Full sun to partial sun.

Drought tolerant once established.

Additional features:

Size: The Crassula Muscosa typically reaches a height of 8 to 12 inches

Pot Size: We recommend planting it in a well-draining pot with a diameter of at least 4 inches (10 cm).

Light Requirements: It prefers bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid placing it in intense, direct sunlight, as it may scorch the leaves.

Watering: Water the Watch Chain Plant sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Overwatering may lead to root rot.

Soil: Use a well-draining succulent or cactus soil mix to prevent waterlogged roots.

Temperature: Crassula Muscosa thrives in temperatures between 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 26°C). It can tolerate brief temperature drops but should be protected from frost.

Propagation: Easily propagated through stem cuttings. Simply let the cuttings callus for a day or two before planting in well-draining soil.

Decorative Plant: The unique appearance of Crassula Muscosa makes it an attractive choice for tabletops, shelves, and windowsills.
Succulent Gardens: Its slow growth and low maintenance qualities make it a popular addition to succulent arrangements and fairy gardens.
Xeriscaping: Due to its drought tolerance, it can be used in xeriscaping projects to create water-efficient landscapes.

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Crassula Muscosa 'Watch Chain Plant'

As with all succulents, avoid overwatering to prevent root rot.
The Watch Chain Plant is non-toxic to humans and pets. However, it's best to keep it out of reach from curious pets who might nibble on the leaves.


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