Jade Plant
Jade Plant
Jade Plant

Jade Plant

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  • This Jade Plant ships in a 4"cup
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Transform your living space with the natural beauty and positive vibes of our Jade Plant. This iconic succulent is not just a houseplant; it's a symbol of prosperity, good fortune, and enduring elegance. Elevate your home or office with a touch of nature and a touch of luck.  Make it a part of your daily life and watch your space flourish with charm and positive energy.

Bright Indoor Light

Drought tolerant once established.

White / Pink flowers, non-fragrant

Additional features: Drought Tolerant

🌵ThisJade Plant comes in a 4" cup

🌵Size: Can reach up to 2'ft tall

🌵Light: Prefers Bright light - full sun

🌵Hardiness Zone: 9 - 11or kept as a house plant

🌵Characteristics: V Jade features showy clusters of white star shaped flowers with pink overtones at the of the branches from late winter to early spring. Its fleshy, oval leaves in shades of deep green and hints of red along the edges create an eye-catching, modern focal point in any room.

🌵Soil & Water: Jade prefers dry to average moister levels with very well draining soil. Will not tolerate standing water and will suffer from root rot.

Plant your Jade Plant in well-draining soil and place it in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings, and ensure the plant is protected from cold drafts. Prune as needed, and feed with diluted fertilizer during the growing season for a thriving and elegant addition to your home decor.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: 9 - 11

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Customer Reviews

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The Jade Plant seemed to be
semi- healthy when it arrived, however whoever packed it did a horrible job. The trunk nor stems weren't attached to the stakes included, so the upper part of the plant was just flopping around in the box. It was wrapped in cellophane plastic wrap, but only halfway up the plant, which again failed to protect the top portion. And 80% of the soil was out of the pot loose in the box with broken stems and leaves. I spent at least an hour working on trying to get the beautiful Jade Plant back to a hospitable environment. The packing department needs revising, retraining or a total rehauling. I paid 25.95 for the plant and 9.99 for shipping. What's the point in growing these beautiful plants if they're not shipped properly? Let's hope I nursed it back enough that it will live and thrive.

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Jade plants are often considered symbols of good luck and financial success in many cultures, particularly in Chinese traditions. Because of this association, they are popular choices for housewarming gifts and as decorative elements in businesses and homes, making them both aesthetically pleasing and culturally significant.


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