Fairy Castle Cactus
Fairy Castle Cactus
Fairy Castle Cactus

Fairy Castle Cactus

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  • This Fairy Castle Cactus ships in a 3.5" Cup
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Cereus Tetragonus - Fairy Castle Cactus is native to North America. The fairy castle cactus refers to the numerous vertical stems of different height that resemble spires. The plant is a succulent with spines that bloom infrequently. Different branches are formed over time which slowly lengthen and produce an interesting silhouette.

Full sun to partial sun.

Native to North America

Drought tolerant once established.

Additional features: Drought Tolerant

This Fairy Castle Cactus ships established in a 3.5" cup.

Size: Mature size can reach up tp 6ft tall

Light: Bright indoor light

Hardiness Zone: 9 - 11

Characteristics: Slow growing cactus that can reach up to 6ft. Stems are five sides with woolly based spines along each plane. The limbs are bright green and turn woody brown with age

Water & Soil: Fast draining cactus soil. Water thoroughly when completely dry

Use cactus soil or well draining soil with perlite or sand for additional drainage.

Ensure the pot has drainage holes as succulents cannot tolerate standing water.

Allow soil to completely dry before watering.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: 10 - 11

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Fairy Castle Cactus

Native to North, Central and South America and given the colorful name of Fairy Castle cactus due to its numerous vertical growth pattern. This enchanting cactus has the possibility to bloom large white flowers, but as is the case for many other cacti, under perfect growing conditions and is very rare. Slow to grow, this cacti can grow to be 6'ft tall! With its bright green flesh maturing into a woody brown color with age.


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