Echinobivia Rainbow Burst Cactus
Echinobivia Rainbow Burst Cactus Flowering
Echinobivia Rainbow Burst Cactus
Echinobivia Rainbow Burst Cactus Blooming
Echinobivia Rainbow Bursts

Echinobivia Rainbow Bursts

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  • This Echinobivia Rainbow Bursts ships in a 3.5" Cup
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Echinobivia 'Rainbow Bursts' An intergeneric hybrid of Echinopsis x Lobivia. This stunner of a cultivar is lined with ridges dotted with white spines. It produces piles of new offsets around its base which clump up nicely. It gets its name from the explosion of giant pink flowers that bloom each spring or summer. This plant is fully rooted in a 3.5" round plastic pot.

This cactus variety will not survive a hard frost, but if there is a risk of temperatures below 40F, it can be brought indoors to grow on a sunny window sill or under a grow light. Cactus need bright sunlight, great drainage, and infrequent water to prevent rot. Pick containers with drainage holes and use well-draining cactus and succulent soil with 70% to 80% mineral grit such as coarse sand, pumice, or perlite. Water deeply and wait for the soil to completely dry out before watering again.

Full sun to partial sun.

Attracts bees and butterflies.

Drought tolerant once established.

Pink / White flowers, non-fragrant

Additional features: Drought Tolerant and Attracts Pollinators

🌵This Echinobivia 'Rainbow Bursts comes root established in a 3.5" cup

🌵Hardiness zone: Zone 10

🌵Maximum height: 6" - 8"

🌵Light: Full sun - bright indoor light.

Use cactus soil or well draining soil with perlite or sand for additional drainage.

Ensure the pot has drainage holes as succulents cannot tolerate standing water.

Allow soil to completely dry before watering.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: 10 -11

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Mai Huong
I bought this cactus in March to May that was blooming as white and fragrant

I bought this cactus in March to May that was blooming as white and fragrant

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Echinobivia Rainbow Bursts

Originating from South America, this amazing little cactus plant, sometimes referred to as the Hedgehog cactus, easter Lily cactus or Sea Urchin cactus, is a part of Echinopsis genus. This genus was given its nicknames due to the spiky, prickly appearance, densely covered in spines. This genus is one of the largest and most diverse in the cacti family, with over 120 species discovered thus far. Their gigantic, beautiful flowers are often a multi-colored blend which vary from cactus to cactus. And unlike most cacti, Echinopsis plants produce blooms for as long as the temperatures during the day are around 69°F.


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