Spider Plant - Variegated
Spider Plant - Variegated
Spider Plant - Variegated

Spider Plant - Variegated

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  • This Spider Plant - Variegated ships in a 4" Cup
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This Variegated Spider PlantĀ Chlorophytum comosumĀ 'Variegatum' - has been awarded a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit as it is an incredibly easy plant to grow. Grown for the leaves, this lovely houseplant is great for beginners. Popular with both novices and more experienced houseplant enthusiasts, the Variegated Spider Plant has a weeping, arching habit. It produces a mass of strap-shaped leaves, coloured green with white striping on the outer leaf edges. Small white flowers may be produced at any time of year when growing indoors as a houseplant. Place it where it will receive decent amounts of indirect light and mist the leaves every so often (in addition to watering). It can help to filter air and easily grows in shade, indoors and in baskets making it a very popular houseplant. It propagates itself! Spider Plants produce lots of little baby plants on spidery stems, these can be easily rooted in water or soil, whilst on the plant or separated.

Ā Full sun to partial sun.

Pet safe, non-toxic

Additional features: Pet Safe

This Variegated Spider Plants ships in a 4" cup

Size: Mature size can reach up to 2'ft in height and width

Light: Bright indoor light or partial outdoor shade

Hardiness Zone:

Characteristics: Varigated green strap-like leaves are 8-15 inches long and .2- 1 inch wide with white margins.

Soil & Water: Sandy, loam with moist - good drainage.

Hardiness zone for this plant:

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Spider Plant - Variegated


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