Sourwood Tree
Sourwood Tree
Sourwood Tree Blooms
Sourwood Tree Blooms
Sourwood Tree Blooms
Sourwood Tree Autumn
Sourwood Tree Autumn Leaves
Sourwood Tree
Sourwood Tree
Sourwood Tree

Sourwood Tree

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The Oxydendrum Arboreum - Sourwood, also called Lily of the Valley Tree or Sorrel Tree, is a native North American tree that is not found on any other continent unless transplanted. The Sourwoods name is derived from the sour taste of the tea created by its leaves, widely used by mountain climbers to quench their thirst.

Drooping stalks of small, deliciously sweet, fragrant, white flowers that resemble lilies-of-the-valley bloom in mid-summer. This tree features red-brown bark with elliptic to oblong finely toothed leaves that are dark green during the summer months and later become intense shades of crimson, purple and yellow in the fall.

Full sun to partial sun.

Attracts birds, bees and butterflies.

Native to North America

White flowers, fragrant 

Additional features: Attracts Pollinators, Attracts Wildlife, Native, Fall Color, and Fragrant

This Sourwood tree comes in a 1 Gallon pot

Size: Mature size can reach up 25'-30' high x 20' wide

Light: Full Sun (less flowers and less vibrant color due to partial shade)

Hardiness zone: 5 - 9

Native to North America

Characteristics: Grows in an oval shape with simple dark green leaves during the summer months and later become intense shades of crimson, purple and yellow in the fall. Yields small, oval shaped fruit that wildlife enjoy. Lifespan over 100 years. Drooping stalks of small, fragrant, white flowers that resemble lilies-of-the-valley bloom in mid-summer. Flowers attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies and nectar loving insects.

Growth Rate: Moderate

Soil, Water, Fertilize: Prefers moist, acidic, rich, peaty, well draining soil with pH of 5.5 - 6.5. Slightly tolerant to drought once mature, water regularly till mature and during periods of drought. Only transplants well at young age.

Ideally, soil is consistently moist, rich in organic matter, well-draining, and slightly acidic. Do not tolerate soggy soil.

Water regularly during first year of growth and during periods of drought.

Will tolerate partial shade, but at the cost of flowers not being as abundant or color not being as vibrant.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: 5 - 9

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Sourwood Tree

Although Sourwood was used extensively for western medicine like treating fevers, pains, diarrhea and dysentery, it has become most known for producing extremely fragrant blooms. Bees take a particular liking to these blooms and make a decadent honey that is extremely delicious and hard to come by.

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