🎶Ding-Dong Delivery🎶

Your much awaited TriStar Plants order has just come in the mail, what do you do now?
Your plant has just arrived at your door step, its had quite a long journey. Going from an ideal environment like our greenhouses to its brand new home can be quite stressful. The first thing that you should do is unbox and remove all packing materials from the plant very carefully. We try our best to make sure your plant has been packaged to the best of our abilities so they are able to survive the carrier hardships that is shipping. With all that in mind being patient while unpackaging your tree, shrub, bare root or ornamental greenery will help ensure the entirety of the plant. Once the plant is safely removed from its box and you have successfully removed all packaging materials, they could use a little drink. Give your new plant a good soak or water until excess flows out from under the pot. If you're ready to plant do so immediately after receiving your order and follow our planting instructions that can be found at our website. If temperatures do not allow you to do so, continue to water the plant and place in either a garage or a well secluded area till you are ready to plant it.
Dormant plants won't break dormancy until proper sunlight, water, and temperatures are given and will do well left alone until you are ready to transplant. 
  • Unpackage delicately
  • Remove all packaging materials (i.e. Plastic bags, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc)
  • Water thoroughly
  • Plant immediately if able
  • If receiving dormant plants in winter season and not ready to plant, place in a cool dark environment to not break dormancy. Once warmer temps permit, plant as normal and water thoroughly.
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