Baby Tears
Baby Tears
Baby Tears
Baby Tears
Baby Tears
Baby Tears

Baby Tears

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  • This Baby Tears ships in a 4" Cup
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'Pilea Depressa' - Baby Tears, or 'Tiny Tears', is an evergreen, ornamental, low-growing, miniature vining native to the tropics of Brazil and Mexico. The tiny, scalloped edged, green leaves grow overlapping on the end of each vine, resulting in an interlocking effect. Its growth pattern makes it a wonderful ground cover, creating a mat-forming appearance under bright light. In ideal conditions, tiny, dainty flowers that lack petals have the ability to bloom on the extremities in little clusters in the spring.

Bright indoor light or outdoor shade

White flowers, non-fragrant

Pet safe, non-toxic

Additional features: Pet Safe

This Baby's Tears plant ships established in a 4" cup

Light: Will grow in low light, but prefers bright, indirect light. Keep out of direct sun, which will scorch the leaves.

Size: Up to 6 in (15 cm)

Hardiness zone: 9 - 12

Characteristics: This plant thrives in high humidity. Aim to maintain at least 50% relative humidity around Baby's Tears plant. This is easier than it seems. Cool to average room temperatures. Tears has shallow roots and can be propagated by division. Divide plant into smaller clumps by gently pulling it apart. Be sure there are roots attached. You can just set the separated plants on top of potting medium, water, and they'll readily take root.

Soil & Water: Keep the potting medium moist at all times. It will not tolerate dry soil.
Any good potting mix; African violet potting mix works well to maintain moisture which this plant craves. Feed every 2 weeks spring through summer with balanced water-soluble houseplant fertilizer diluted by half.

Well-draining, rich, organic potting soil works best.

Perfect for terrariums.

Not drought tolerant and requires consistent moisture and high humidity. Careful to not overwater, as root rot is prevalent.

Other common names for this plant include: Tiny Tears, Pilea Baby Tears

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Hardiness zone for this plant: 9 - 11

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Baby Tears

Baby Tears needs a large amount of humidity so they thrive in terrariums or tropical outdoor locations. It has a spreading/climbing habit that spills beautifully over the sides of a container. It won't grow far though, because the creeping stems need to have contact with the soil. Given enough light, Baby's Tears may produce tiny, single flowers in the leaf axils. It typically blooms in summer.

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