Blue damson plum

Plum Tree 'Blue Damson'

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The Prunus Institia - 'Blue Damson' plums are one of the most popular old varieties in America. They are small, round to oblong in shape and have smooth, shiny, deep purple to black skin with ovate to elliptic green leaves. The firm amber flesh is very tasty with a spicy, tart flavor. During springtime, before bearing fruit, this tree produces small, white, clusters of blossoms. Damson plums are great for fresh eating, cooking, jam, or making wine. These plum trees are self-pollinating, and the tree is vigorous and hardy. Fruit becomes ripe and ready to harvest from August to early September. 

  • Allow 8'-12' of space for growth when planting


This 'Blue Damson' Plum comes in a 1 Gallon pot

 Size: Mature size can reach 15' -20' x 18'- 20'

 Light: Full sun

 Hardiness zone: 3-8 View map

¬†Characteristics:¬†Grows in a¬†oval shape. Hardy and able to grow up to 20' tall. Reaches maturity within 3-5 years.¬†Has a chill hours (CU) requirement of 300‚Äď500. (Chill hours are the average hours of air temperature between 32¬į and 45¬į F in a typical winter season.)

 Growth Rate: Medium

¬†Soil, Water, Fertilize:¬†Moist, loamy, well-draining soil¬†with the pH 5.5-6.5.¬†Tolerant to heat and -10¬į weather.¬†Prune the tree when it is dormant, during late winter to early spring to encourage growth and more fruit production. Fertilize in early spring before new growth begins. Use a general ‚Äďpurpose fertilizer.

*Plants cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

*Plants ship dormant in winter months.

*Pictures shown are of mature plants and not what you will receive.