Premier Rabbiteye blueberry bush
Premier blueberry shrub
Premiere Blueberry Flowers
Blueberry Rabbiteye 'Premier'
Blueberry Rabbiteye 'Premier'
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Blueberry Rabbiteye 'Premier'

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The Vaccinium Ashei 'Premier' - 'Premier' Blueberries, also called Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry are an early ripening, abundant producer and naturally heat tolerant variety. These shrubs produce large sized, firm, sweet, juicy, dark blue berries in late spring early summer. Bearing fruit within 2-3 years, this shrub has small white to pink, bell-shaped blossoms that become color-changing berries. These berries start off pink then ripen into large sized, dark blue, edible berries with a slightly thicker and waxier skin from May to June and produce fruit for over 50 years! Branches are adorned with oval shaped green leaves that turning shades of burgundy to orange in the fall. This is not a self-pollinating shrub, it will need to be cross pollinated by other rabbiteye varieties like Climax or Brightwell.

Allow 6'-10' for planting if no pruning is desired.

Can be grown in large containers.

 Full sun to partial sun.

Attracts birds, bees and butterflies.

Native to North America

Pink flowers, non-fragrant

Pet safe, non-toxic

Due to California Department of Agriculture, we cannot ship this item to the state of California.