Goji Berry - Phoenix Tears
Goji Berry - Phoenix Tears
Goji Berry - Phoenix Tears
Goji Berry - Phoenix Tears
Goji Berry - Phoenix Tears

Goji Berry - Phoenix Tears

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The Phoenix Tears Goji Berry - Lycium barbarum, a versatile and highly nutritious plant that offers a multitude of benefits. Native to parts of Asia, this Chinese native is renowned for its sweet and nutritious berries, which can be enjoyed fresh, juiced, or dried like raisins. Not only are the berries delicious, but they are also considered a popular medicinal herb, packed with protein, antioxidants, carotene, essential amino acids, and minerals. Even the leaves of this remarkable plant can be cooked and enjoyed! This variety of Goji Berry is thornless.


Full Sun

Attracts birds, bees and butterflies.

 Lavender to light pink blooms

Pet safe, non-toxic 

Additional features: Pet Safe

This multi-stemmed shrub can be grown as a sprawling vine on a trellis, reaching impressive heights of over 10 feet. Alternatively, it can be trimmed and maintained as a compact bush, standing at a more manageable height of 4 to 6 feet. Training the branches through a simple tomato cage creates an enchanting fountain-shaped bush.

The Phoenix Tears Goji Berry produces charming light purple, bell-shaped flowers that bloom in May and continue throughout the summer, adding visual appeal to your garden. In the third year and beyond, the flowers give way to orange-red berries that cling to the plant stems for extended periods. The jellybean-shaped fruits have a sweet flavor with a slight acidity and ripen over a long period in mid-summer, allowing for up to four weeks of harvest.

This drought-resistant plant thrives in a half to full day of sun and well-drained soil. It prefers warm summer days and cool nights, making it ideal for various climates. The Phoenix Tears Goji Berry prefers neutral to somewhat alkaline soil and is recommended for USDA Zones 5-9.

The Phoenix Tears Goji Berry is a hardy and resilient plant that is not bothered by common pests or diseases. Its cold tolerance extends to minus 15¬įF, ensuring its survival in colder regions. With proper care, including regular pruning and training, you can enjoy a prolific harvest of these nutrient-rich berries within 1-2 years after planting.

Hardiness zone for this plant: Zone 5 - 9

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Goji Berry - Phoenix Tears

Unlock the full potential of your garden with the Phoenix Tears Goji Berry. This exceptional plant provides a beautiful display of flowers, followed by an abundant harvest of delicious and healthful berries. Delight in their flavors, reap the nutritional benefits, and elevate your gardening experience with this unique addition.


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