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Minuet Weigela
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Minuet Weigela

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 Minuet Weigela is a dwarf shrub with showy flowers and foliage. These would make an attractive, small hedge in your landscape, or use one as a colorful accent in your perennial beds.

Your Minuet Weigela is a colorful plant even when not in full bloom. The elliptic leaves have a slight purple hue, lending them an attractive color all season long. In spring, yellow-throated, hot-pink flowers with a trumpet-like appearance appear for a dramatic display in your yard. As an added bonus, the flowers sporadically bloom again throughout summer, an extra boon for your wildlife.

Minuet Weigela has a dense, rounded form and is hardier than some other dwarf cultivars. In fact, it was developed in Canada, and has improved cold tolerance. Minuet requires full sun for best flowering, but will tolerate a variety of other conditions. It's amenable to pruning, so you can shape it as needed.

Its dwarf size makes this Minuet Weigela perfect for your small garden beds or other spots where you'd love to have something this colorful, but just don't have a lot of space. Plant a few Minuets here-and-there and enjoy their colorful show.

  • You are purchasing a Minuet Weigela 1 Gallon
  • Blooms in the Spring
  • Fragrant Pink flowers
  • Foliage: Green
  • Hardy and adaptable to a variety of soils
  • Perfect for your small garden beds
  • Uses: Border, Container, Firescaping/Fire Wise
  • Full Sun
  • Reaches:¬† 3 ft. tall, with a spread of 5 ft.
  • Hardiness Zones: 4-8
  • Soil Conditions: Widely adaptable
  • Growth Rate: Medium

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