American Persimmon
American persimmon fruits
Female American persimmon flower
Male American persimmon flowers
Persimmon Tree "American"
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Persimmon Tree "American"

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The Diospyros Virginiana - American Persimmon tree is native to the eastern U.S. The fruit is higher in nutrients like vitamin C and calcium and is extremely sweet, juicy and delicious than the Japanese persimmon, albeit smaller in size. This tree is a moderate growing deciduous tree that can reach a mature height of 30 to 80 feet depending on location, but harvesting isn't hindered by size as you typically shake the ripe fruit off. The trunk ascends up through the crown of the tree rarely producing double or multiple leaders. The blooms appear from May to June and are white to greenish yellow in color. In the fall the glossy green leaves will turn to a spectacular red color.

The fruit is round and small, typically around 2 inches in diameter and usually golden orange to red in color. The fruit ripens from September to November or occasionally a little earlier. When the fruit is fully ripened it can be lightly shaken from the tree, or found on the ground below. Perfectly ripened persimmons tastes like caramel with hints of tangerine and heavy cream with a texture like a dense, rich custard. Persimmons are commonly used in baking and when dried are similar to dates. The leaves are also used to make tea that although is caffeine free and slightly bitter herbal taste has been know to help with immunity, allergies and cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure in Chinese medicine.

Sweet treats not only for humans, but the deer will love them also. If you really want to bring the deer in close, consider planting a large grove of Persimmon trees. The fruit is also enjoyed by squirrel, fox, deer, bear and various birds.


This Persimmon Tree come in a 1 Gallon pot
Size: Mature size can reach 30’-80' x 25’-30’
Light: Full sun 
Hardiness zone: 4-9 View Map
Characteristics: Oval glossy-green, 6” leaves that turn yellow or pink in the fall. With a white to yellow to yellow bloom. Round, small, orange to red persimmons that ripen in the fall. The species tree is dioecious. That means that a tree produces either male or female flowers, and you’ll need another variety in the area to get the tree to fruit.
Growth Rate: Moderate
Soil, Water, Fertilize: Moist, loamy, well-draining soil with the pH 6.0 - 7.0. Tolerant to heat and colder temperatures. Prune in late winter to promote growth and shape the tree. Fertilize in early spring.
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