'Santa Rosa' Plum

Plum Tree 'Santa Rosa'

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The Prunus Salicina ‘Santa Rosa’ - Santa Rosa plum is a Japanese variety plum. During spring time, before bearing fruit, this tree produces small whitish-pink blossoms. Within 3-5 years produces large to medium size with a deep red to purple skin that is thin, delicate and glossy when ripe. The flesh is firm, sweet yet slightly tart, and a yellow-orange shade that deepens into a red-orange once closer to the skin. This variety is a self-fertile variety, though having other trees to encourage cross-pollination will provide a more bountiful harvest. Fruit becomes ripe and ready to harvest from late July to August. Works well in bakery items as this fruit hold its form well but is also used in jams, canning, cooking and of course eaten fresh.


This Santa Rosa Plum comes in a 1 Gallon pot

Size: Mature size can reach 18' -25' x 18'- 20'

Light: Full sun

Hardiness zone: 3-8 View map

Characteristics: Grows in a columnar shape. Hardy and able to grow up to 25' tall. Reaches maturity within 3-5 years. Has a chill hours (CU) requirement of 300–500. (Chill hours are the average hours of air temperature between 32° and 45° F in a typical winter season.)

Growth Rate: Medium

Soil, Water, Fertilize: Moist, loamy, well-draining soil with the pH 5.5-6.5. Tolerant to heat and -10°. Prune the tree when it is dormant, during late winter to early spring to encourage growth and more fruit production. Fertilize in early spring before new growth begins. Use a general –purpose fertilizer.

Susceptibility: Mites, aphids, scale, borers, tent caterpillars and deer. 

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*Plants ship dormant in winter months.

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