Seed Potato 'Russet'
Seed Potato 'Russet'
Seed Potato 'Russet'

Seed Potato 'Russet'

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Grow your own delicious and nutritious Russet potatoes with our high-quality seed potatoes. Perfect for various culinary uses, these potatoes are known for their rich, earthy flavor and excellent texture. Easy to grow, they thrive in various soil types and are ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Full sun to partial sun.

Days to maturity90 to 110 days

Flavor Profile: Earthy, nutty, starchy, with a slightly sweet undertone.

Culinary Use:  Baking, mashing, frying, roasting, in soups and stews.

Additional features: Edible

This Russet seed potato ships ready to plant.

Size: Can reach up to 24 inches in length

Light: Full Sun

Hardiness: 3 - 9

Days to maturity: 90 - 120 days

Russet potatoes are characterized by their large size, oblong shape, and rough, netted brown skin. They have a starchy, white flesh that becomes fluffy and light when cooked. These potatoes are known for their versatility in cooking, being excellent for baking, mashing, and frying.

Water & Soil: Fertile, well-drained sandy loam soil. pH 4.8 - 5.4. Will grow on higher pH, sometimes become scabby.

Plant in early spring, in rows about 3 feet apart.
Bury 3 inches deep, spaced 12 inches apart.
Harvest 90 to 120 days after planting.

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Hardiness zone for this plant: 3 - 9

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Seed Potato 'Russet'

Russets are a staple in many cuisines due to their ability to absorb flavors and their textural qualities. They're also known for a relatively high yield and good storage capability, making them a popular choice for both home gardens and commercial cultivation.


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